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kkdbooks.my is an online store which sells books and stationeries from KK Dawood Book Store that was founded and established in 1963. Since then, the company has been growing everyday and is now enjoying its status as a popular online book store in Malaysia as well. We strive to be one of the top best school books dealers and the largest textbook distributor In the country through outright sale to consumers and end-users, especially textbook buyers. Aside from creating an online book store in Malaysia, we also supply stationery and mobile accessories. On top of that, we offer photocopying services upon request.

Access To A Variety Of Knowledge
To maintain our status as the preferred online bookstore Malaysia, KK Dawood Book Store prides itself in offering an array of high-quality resources fit for the entire family. From religion to general knowledge, from kid-friendly materials to the latest magazines, we have it all. While the majority of our reading materials are in Malay, we also provide numerous books in English. But, that is not even our best feature! No other online bookshop Malaysia can compete with our reasonably priced products. So, browse through our extensive catalogues, and shop with us when you are due for new reading materials.
Popular Choices for Everyone
We at KK Dawood Book Store put our pride at being a trustworthy online bookshop in Malaysia. While we are equipped to cater to the needs of our customers across the Klang Valley, we also acknowledge the importance of continuously strengthening our position as an online bookstore Malaysia. Hence, our products are also made available on m-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, apart from our physical store in Klang, and on our official website. Simply search ‘KK Dawood Book Store’ on your preferred platform and be spoiled with a selection of genres and topics to choose from.